The perfect accessories for your ideal cup of tea.

Bamboo Infuser


A reusable eco-alternative to straining your loose leaf teas.
Not recommended for rooibos blends.
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“Perfect Cup” Spoon


An exact measure to ensure you enjoy a perfect cup every time.
18/8 Stainless
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Tea Measure


Take the guess work out of how much tea to use for your cup or pot.
18/8 Stainless
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Fancy Tea Infusers


Each hand-made infuser is unique and special. Semi-precious stones will keep your tea infuser from slipping into the cup. A beautiful gift for you or someone special.
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Tea Ball


This 2” tea ball is ideal for a cup or small teapot.
18/8 Stainless
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Pyramid Infuser


This unique pyramid shaped infuser is perfect for one cup of tea.
18/8 Stainless
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Infuser Spoon


Simple to use, this squeeze and scoop infuser is best suited for a single cup.
18/8 Stainless
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“Tea” Squeeze


Tongs specifically designed for convenient teabag removal.
18/8 Stainless
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Infuser Bags

50/$5    100/$8.99

Eco-friendly single use tea filters are made from sustainably harvested Canadian wood fibre. Unbleached, biodegradable and compostable, these versatile bags are perfect for a single cup or full pot.
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The Brewt Steeper


The easiest way to brew your tea! The tea will flow out of the bottom of the Brewt and into your favorite cup. Your tea leaves will be left to re-steep without becoming bitter. Easy to use and even easier to clean.
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Teapot Earrings


The cutest little tea pot earrings! Hand crafted with glass and semi-precious stones, these earrings have been created with love by Karla herself.
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Ceramic Tea Cups


Hand made ceramic tea cups stamped with Karla’s Specialteas logo. All cups are hand glazed in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Each are wonderfully unique!
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Glass Teapot


Hand blown glass teapot with a 500ml-2cup capacity.  Perfect to show off those stunning flowering teas.
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Ceramic Teapot


Hand made ceramic teapots in a variety of sizes and colors. Please contact for more information!
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Felted Tea Cozy’s


One of a kind tea cozy’s for your favorite cup, travel mug or glass tea pot.
A beautiful way to help rid the world of disposable paper sleeves and keep your tea hot.
Created by a wonderful local Artisan- Arachne Designs.
Contact Karla for custom ordering


Folding Handle Infuser


This laser cut stainless infuser is great for all tea types (no floating rooibos!). Perfect for steeping a single cup or pot it’s easy to clean and easy to store. Simply fold the handles down and place in it’s own carrying case.
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Glass Tea Tumbler


Finally an all glass travel tumbler! Double walled glass will keep your tea hot for about 2 hours and a laser cut stainless steel infuser basket can be easily removed after steeping. Either place infuser on a trivet or turn the lid upside down.
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Matcha Whisk


Take the guess work out of how much tea to use for your cup or pot.
18/8 Stainless
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Matcha Spoon


Take the guess work out of how much tea to use for your cup or pot.
18/8 Stainless
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